What is Luck? They say luck, is where opportunity meets preparedness. Your Luck / fortune can be found just using your date of birth. An Astrologer will create a report for you based on your date of birth for the time period in question. Lets take this year for example, and then the astrologer, can see if and when you will have super charged luck.

How does Lottery Luck and Astrology Work?

Astrology is a tool of timing. We at goodluckshop44 can run a “Lucky Lottery Winner” Astrology Report for you, We can see where the Planet of Luck, is sitting in your Chart for any given time. This gives us an indication, of times of great luck for you. If you had a Chance to win the lottery, wouldn’t you like to know. Just Click Here To order your Lottery Winner Astrology Report.

The “Lucky Lottery Winner” Astrology Report doesn’t only cover Lottery Gambling, it also works for

  • Casino gambling
  • Slots
  • Online poker
  • Bingo
  • Black Jack
  • Scratch Tickets

The “Lucky Lottery Winner” Astrology Report, is designed to tell you if There is a Big Winner in your Astrology chart and if so when.

If We don’t See Big Winnings

If We don’t see the potential for big winnings in your chart, we will run a report for the next 365 days, and reveal your luckiest times, for gambling and entering Big Jack Pot Lotteries, to you. We will also reveal to you your most likely path to money and success in this lifetime.

Big Time Lottery Winner, Potential

I had a very special friend I met at a bar I use to visit from time to time. I was always talking to him about luck and Astrology. At the time a boyfriend and I had ended our relationship. I need a place to stay and fast. Mana offered me a room for rent in his home. Eventually, having studied Astrology for over 13 years, I asked Mana if it would be ok if I look at his natal Chart. He agreed.

I rushed over to my computer with Manas birth details all excited as I always am doing an astrology reading. I entered the information and pressed enter. What came up before me was something I had not seen before. My jaw dropped, and I immediately called for Mana to come to the room.

Mana came over, and asked me what is it? I said, slowly “I can’t believe it.” He said, “What?” I said you have it in your chart to be a Big Time Lottery Winner. He just stood there looking at me, and didn’t seem surprised. I started to tell him about the planets and their meaning and their placement in his Astrology Chart and the Implications of these planetary placements in Terms of Good Fortune and Lotto Luck. Finally he replied ” I know, I win those things all the time” My jaw dropped even bigger this time. I said “what, you should be gambling every week” please gamble. I then went on to give him his lucky months for that year and told him he needed to play heavy during those times. He went on to tell me that he often wins pick4, scratch tickets, and that he often wins $200 dollars here and there. I asked him what the most amount of money ever won was. he has one $8000, one time and $4000 at another time.

One more funny thing about Mana

One more funny thing about Mana I almost forgot…his best friend, was a lottery winner. Weird! This guy has Big Time Lottery Winner written all over his life chart. He knew, it but it was confirmed by me. I never found out if he followed my advice to enter more lotteries and buy more scratch tickets during his upcoming lucky months. I moved out shortly after that.  I sure hope he did….we lost contact…who knows maybe it’s because he finally  won big.

Click Here to order your “Lucky Lottery Winner” Report Today.


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