How to Win the Lottery using Astrology

How does Astrology predict good Luck?

Astrology is a tool of timing

In astrology ones life can be viewed from past tense, future tense or even for the current moment. There is no limit to the amount of years an Astrologer can travel back or forward into a person life cycles.

Astrologers use this information to events such…

  • having a baby
  • Starting a business
  • or yes winning the lottery


how Can Astrology tell when I will win the lottery?

Your personal Astrological chart is a personal road map to events that take place in a person’s life. In Regards to money and Gambling,  Astrology examines Good Luck Planets. There are also Good Luck (Houses) Areas of Life.

Here is an Example:

  • One area of Life in an Astrology Chart is Called (The 5th house) House of gambling and Risk Taking
  • One Good Luck Planet in astrology is called Jupiter (Planet of Expansion and Luck)

An astrologer can check a persons astrology chart for any place in time, to see if Jupiter (The Planet of Expansion and Luck) will be passing over, or making positive Aspects to the House of Gambling and Risk Taking. As an Astrologer I know that this combination may mean a large Casino Payout or the attainment, of a large sum of money through any form of Gambling and Risk Taking (Games of Chance)

goodluckshop44 can check your Astrology Chart for Good Luck and Lotto Winnings

“Jupiter and Good Luck” 

This Astrology Reading is to Help you know your luckiest times

  • Check of your Jupiter and when it is making positive aspect to your transiting Jupiter
  • Check of your Sun and when it is making positive aspects to your Jupiter
  • Check of Your Sun and When it is making positive Aspects to your Transiting Sun
  • In All Astrology has 4 houses (areas of life) of interest regarding Big Winnings, and 4 planets of interest regarding Good Luck and Money. goodluckshop44 examines all planets and all areas of interest regarding your opportunities to win the lottery.
  • Provides detailed report of your luckiest times including start and Stop dates
  • Used for buying a lottery ticket, and Playing Slot Machines with Large Payouts

Please Keep in mind our readings are not designed to make you win the lottery, our readings are designed to tell you when to enter games of chance.

This can include, Playing a slot machine, entering a poker tournament, entering the lottery, entering a raffle, playing Keno, Playing Bingo. With any game of chance.



  1. goodluckcharmsthatwork said,

    March 9, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Astrology can certainly help someone win the Lottery!

  2. goodluckcharmsthatwork said,

    March 29, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    I am nominating YOU for The Versatile Blogger Award because…you help people become lucky!

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